AARP Medicare plans offer a variety of benefits that may vary depending on the specific plan you enroll in. Some of the benefits that may be included in an AARP Medicare plan are:

  1. Medicare Part A and Part B benefits: All AARP Medicare plans include the same benefits as Original Medicare, which include hospitalization coverage (Part A) and medical insurance coverage (Part B).
  2. Prescription drug coverage: Many AARP Medicare plans include prescription drug coverage, which can help you save money on your medications.
  3. Preventive care: AARP Medicare plans may cover preventive care services, such as routine check-ups, screenings, and vaccinations.
  4. Vision and hearing care: Some AARP Medicare plans may provide coverage for vision and hearing care services, such as eye exams, glasses, and hearing aids.
  5. Fitness programs: AARP Medicare plans may offer fitness programs and discounts on gym memberships to help you stay healthy.
  6. Telehealth services: Many AARP Medicare plans include telehealth services, which allow you to consult with a healthcare provider remotely using your phone or computer.

It’s important to review the specific benefits and coverage details of each AARP Medicare plan option before enrolling, as benefits and costs may vary.